What bridge book(s) am I currently reading?

  The Devil's Tickets by Gary M. Pomerantz

Kansas City, 1929: Myrtle and Jack Bennett sit down with another couple for evening of bridge. As the game intensifies, Myrtle complains that Jack is a "bum bridge player." For such insubordination, he slaps her hard in front of their stunned guests and announces he is leaving. Moments later, sobbing, with a Colt .32 pistol in hand, Myrtle fires four shots, killing her husband.

As the Barnum of the bridge craze, Ely Culbertson, a tuxedoed boulevardier with a Russian accent, used mystique, brilliance, and a certain madness to transform bridge from a social pastime into a cultural movement that made him rich and famous. In writings, in lectures, and on radio, he used the Bennett killing to dramatize bridge as the battle of the sexes.

A must read main stream book for every bridge fan as it provides an insight into the politics and intrigue that was the beginning of the game we love.    Buy this book now!
  Cuebidding at Bridge - Ken RexfordCuebidding at Bridge by Ken Rexford

Ken Rexford's book is a fascinating study of cuebidding in the modern age. It covers a great many ideas that are quite powerful. Not for the beginner and not for the casual partnership, but for the regular partnership that wants to make great slam decisions his ideas definitely have merit. This is actually a re-read for me. Ideas presented by Rexford have found there way into both of my regular tournament partnerships.

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  Somehow We Landed in Six Notrump by David Bird

David Bird has authored another winner. He has a clear and concise writing style that is easy to read and follow. For Part One of this book he has collected a series of 6NT hands from tournaments and matches around the world in a section titled "Fact". Hands played by top experts on purpose and a few by accident, but each illustrates a good lesson. Part Two is made up of 6NT hands from the "Fictional" world. Hands from various sources in bridge literature, but again all that make good points to improve your play (and perhaps your bidding). This is an enjoyable read.

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  The Setting Trick: Practical Problems in Bridge Defense by Ian McCance

Want to work on your defense? This collection of defensive problems may be just the trick (no pun intended). Bridge hands from actual play where the reader is challenged to find the best defense. Like real life sometimes the declarer has not played perfectly and your job is to take advantage of the mistake, for others it is how to read the situation and make sure those elusive setting tricks do not get away. I have not yet finished it but based on what I have read so far it is well worth a recomendation.

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